Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family Vacation at Pengkalan Balak/Tanjung Bidara - Melaka

Last week was a very enjoyable weekend where we went to Melaka, sun bathing at Tanjung Bidara. about 2 hours drive from KL to Tanjung Bidara where we have no idea where's the location is. Hahaha, luckily we did some homework ( google map and search for direction) and of cos have to follow the signboard.

Most probably people would never heard of pengkalan balak, but mention the name tanjung bidara will certainly ring a bell to most of us. Actually pengkalan balak & tanjung bidara share the same beach, they were next to each other. The chalet we stayed in was called Asyraf Chalet & we rented the place at RM85/night for basic necessities such as a queen bed, air-cond & shower.