Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Family Vacation at Pengkalan Balak/Tanjung Bidara - Melaka

Last week was a very enjoyable weekend where we went to Melaka, sun bathing at Tanjung Bidara. about 2 hours drive from KL to Tanjung Bidara where we have no idea where's the location is. Hahaha, luckily we did some homework ( google map and search for direction) and of cos have to follow the signboard.

Most probably people would never heard of pengkalan balak, but mention the name tanjung bidara will certainly ring a bell to most of us. Actually pengkalan balak & tanjung bidara share the same beach, they were next to each other. The chalet we stayed in was called Asyraf Chalet & we rented the place at RM85/night for basic necessities such as a queen bed, air-cond & shower.

Jetty at Tanjung Bidara

The day we went, the weather was very nice, not so hot & cloudy most of the time. Even though it was on school holiday, there was still ample place for families to enjoy & relax & not as crowded as other places during school holidays. Once we reached there, we immediately change to our bathing suits & rushed for the waters.
The beach in front of our chalet.

Our daughter was quite terrified for the first few minutes, when she wouldn't even sit/stand near the waters. Perhaps the sound of the wave hitting the shores & the 'bouncing' waters passing thru her legs, she cried & was shaking with terror. After coaxing her for a while & taking pictures by the side, finally she gave in.

 Takut sampai panjat-panjat :D

Her curiosity in the waves started to linger in her mind so she gives it a try. And tried she did, until she cant seem to be separated from the sea. We spent nearly an hour bathing & getting ourselves sunburned in the process.

 Family member mandi-mandi @ Tg.Bidara

Then we called it a day after the weather is getting hotter & we are also getting a bit tired from the journey & the swimming. But we still managed to went to Malacca town, specifically Dataran Pahlawan Heritage Gallery for some shopping. The journey from pengkalan balak to malacca town took almost an hour passing by sungai udang & the most attractive place that we passed by is a restaurant beneath some palm oil trees, just by the roadside. Cant remember what its called, but there were many people queuing up to eat/drink something there.

At night, pengkalan balak is still considered happening with many stalls selling ikan bakar, nasik goreng, otak2, satay, burger etc. So we are spoilt for choice & what is even better, is the price is cheap compared to city prices. After having our dinner, we went back to our chalet & tried to get some sleep.

Since we didnt have much experience in air-cond room, we were soon shivering in our sleep due to the coldness. Wearing a blanket didnt help much & just before dawn, we turned off the air-cond for good. Haha. And just before dawn, we all woke up & pull out our tikar & head to the beach for some early morning pictures & relax while watching the sun comes up.
Bangun pagi, bawak tikar terus lepak tepi pantai as our chalet is just in front of the beach.

Decided not to go into the waters again in the morning due to cold weather so we just relax by the beach for quite a while & just have some snack to pass the time. Then after that, we went back to our chalet & decide to pack our things to prepare for the journey home. But before going back, we had asam pedas for lunch & some coconut drink as well. After that, we happily went back to our home.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable & relaxing experience if you like to take a swim & enjoy some family time with your loved ones. And its not so crowded during the peak season, so still can do some last-minute reservation as theres many ample chalets/resorts to sleep.

 Anis was so tired and sleepy. She slept all the way back to KL.  :) Will come here again!

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