Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

It was a dark stormy rainy night. A typical workday for me & my family. Coming back home around 7pm & feeling very hungry. And since we had no energy to cook for dinner, we decided to go to the nearest pizza hut which was in giant kinrara, puchong.

We have been watching several advertisements of pizza hut's latest pizza sensation called fish king, so we decided to give it a try. You can say that the power of media reeled us in, exactly as the ad 'Umpan dah kena, jom makan bersama'.

When we reached there, we can see the outlet is almost full & most of them is giving this new pizza a try. So we took our seat & ordered the fish king set for 2. And we were always staring at the table next to us, who was having the large set & sweating our saliva over how yummy it must taste!

To whet our appetite, the usual food which comes with the set comes first. Breadstix, mushroom soup & pepsi. And not to forgot the menu which we always ordered as well, Huts Platter. And by the time we finished munching all of it, the fish pizza arrives majestically. Smoking hot straight from the oven! And I cant wait to have a peace of it, even to the extent of burning my tongue due to the hotness.

Ooooooh, pure pleasure as the sweet succulent tender pizza enters the mouth. My taste buds must have been working overtime due to the many different tastes of the pizza. Sweet, sour (yes, they include lemon), you name it, its all there in the pizza.

And in no time, we finish all slices of the pizza, up to the crumbs itself. It was quite satisfying & also finger liking good! Hahaha. Went back home nearly 9pm, though we are tired, we know that we had so much fun spending  time at Pizza Hut that night.

Guess what? When we reach our place, the basement parking was flooded up to the ankle due to the very heavy rain & we all comes back feeling like fishermen who had managed to catch the best fish in town, Pizza Hut's Fish King. Hahahaha :D

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