Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movie: The Band of Brothers

Movie Review:

I watched this movie for the first time back when I was in uni ~2001 when it first came out. It was actually a 10-part miniseries set in World War 2. Back then i didn't really indulge in the movie, but i do know that it was damn good. It was based on real-life stories of Easy Company.

So here I was, watching it again after 9 years. Seems like it didn't aged at all. Still relevant to modern-day effects. The most recognizable face has to be David Schwimmer aka Ross from Friends fame. The series started with the 'yankees' going thru their grueling training before being sent to Europe to join the world against Hitler's Nazi.

Band of Brothers poster - Sebahagian dari askar-askar mini yang berwarna hijau.

The series shows the life & death of the soldiers who went thru hell & back & also those who didnt come back. Everything seems so real as you are being pulled into Steven Spielberg's & Tom Hanks (the directors) magic.

Most of us saw or heard as history tells us on America's victorious assault on Germany culminating in Hitler's death. But this series are first-hand accounts of the survivors of the war.

Mesti dah kenal this fella - Adolf Hitler. (Tetiba teringat cerita P.Ramlee, Nasib Si Labu Labi masa tok kadi a.k.a Aziz Satar nak nikahkan Haji Bakhil dengan Cikgu Murni)

Even though it contains 10 episodes with a runtime of ~1 hour for each episode, you never get tired of watching the boys going thru their missions & always wants to know how the ending will be; who gets shot; who gets killed; their bonding with each other; how they grow from boys to men etc. Wifey also get stuck to this movie while Anis was busy ZZzzzz... :)

Hitler Cat - tiada kena mengena dengan Adolf Hitler di atas.

All in all, if u are into war genre, this is a must watch & highly recommended. 

Lets see what the crowd say: (obviously only 2 of them) :D
Fariza: Em, I like it. boleh tgk back to back, tak bosan pun.
Anis: PsssssPspsppssss sssssSss (cant be translated) and finally Zzzzzz... 

OK thats all for now. Chan Sau Lin.

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