Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello World!

Hmm it sounds like a programming language punya sentence - to show the syntax is correct! :) This is my first entry for this blog and i hope i will keep writing to this blog. Actually I am a husband to a lovely lady, fariza (bukan nama sebenar) and a father to a cute lil' girl name Anis (cranky lil' girl i can say). 

Perkenalkan, Cik Anis yang noti -tengoklah muka noti itu. Pic was taken when she was having a fever courtesy by mama

My name? You can call me Don - full name, Donpapachino. Me likey to layan Anis, watch movies, play computer games, eat junkies, and not to forget - enjoy playing Wii with my wife. Me playing the guitar (for guitar hero game) and she will sing. Isn't it cute? Sometimes her voice was so terrible. Muhaha :D, but who cares? Me? No lah i just giggle a bit. Ekekeke

Yep sure, of course not me and wifey! But kinda look like this with orange sofa behind. Wifey just sit on the sofa (sgt pemalas untuk berdiri)

Time out now! In next post will talk about movies and games. Chow sin chi!

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